Artist Statement

It all started on a trip to India 19 years ago –I was surrounded by beautiful mehndi (henna) designs, and I wanted to start applying mehndi on anyone that would let me. I was told to master the more complex designs I should practice drawing them on paper first. I haven’t stopped creating since.

Creating art is an essential part of my being –I need to create because if I don't my world feels wrong. I need to share what blooms from my magical floral dreamscape. When inspiration strikes, she is powerful and she is not satiated until I put it on paper.

My works aspire to continuously include elements of naturescapes; florals and mountains set my soul on fire. Using ink, gouache, or watercolours I like to capture melancholy movements accented with minimal linework, embroidery, and found materials like twigs. I also create minimal line portraits using digital tools and print them as limited giclée series.